Wallflower Wall Panel

Introducing WallFlower Acoustic Wall Panel, perfect for creating a unique and individual look. Utilising WallFlower in your preferred design layout o!ers a ‘sound benefit’ of up to 90% reverberate noise absorption, making it both stylish and practical.

WallFlower by name but not by nature, nothing ‘shy’ about this 3 dimensional 400mm diameter WallFlower panel. Bold and beautiful or gentle and subtle via 26 colour options (4 WallFlowers per box per colour), or choose to vary the ‘stamen’ colour to create your own flower colour range.

A veritable wall garden of colour that actually absorbs reverberate noise better than most wall panels due to it’s 3 dimensional construction. Grooved and glued sheet cannot come close to the aesthetic and performance ability of this product, combine that with ease of installation and/ or reconfiguration, the benefits of WallFlower along with it’s predecessor Clover and in fact all Acoustek wall panels are demonstrably better.

WallFlower establishes character, subtle or bold, into any room, a decorative and practical method of introducing quiet and colour into any situation makes WallFlower a sound and safe choice.


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