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About Acoustek

Why Acoustek?

We deliver premium sound solutions for a better, healthier indoor world.

Our acoustic panels and tiles provide protection against unwanted reverberate noise without compromising on aesthetics.

The Acoustek approach is scientifically backed and innovation lead to provide future-proof solutions for modern indoor spaces. It’s this approach that distinguishes us as pioneers, designers and industry leaders in noise reduction.

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Why is acoustic treatment important?

Acoustic treatment aides overall mental health and wellbeing.

An acoustic screen or barrier between an unwanted noise source and the individual lets the ear perceive a potential 50% reduction in noise.

By installing acoustic panels to absorb reverberate noise, work spaces become more productive, restaurants improve their ambience and places of education have higher information retention rates. In all these spaces, research has shown that motivation increases by 60% while adrenalin (aka stress) reduces by 30% – proof that correct acoustic treatment dramatically improves busy indoor worlds.

What are the environmental benefits?

On a human level, 70% of office workers felt they’re more productive in a less noisy environment, yet 72% of these people felt there currently wasn’t enough privacy in their workplaces. Acoustek products help with both these insights. Our sound panels reduce reverberate noise dramatically to significantly improve the human environment.

In a natural world context, our 3D tiles, Beams and Acoustic screens are produced with a minimum of 60% recycled fibres from post-consumer plastics, such as empty drink bottles.

We work hard to reduce our impact on the world by reducing waste, using non-toxic products and never use ozone depleting gases or red list chemicals in our manufacturing or installation processes.

Are Acoustek products GreenCert Certified?

Yes. Acoustek 3D Tiles are GreenTagCert GreenRate Level A. Our products are also suitable for use in Green Star projects. To view our  Green Tag Certification, click here.

To find out more about GreenTag and the Green Building Council of Australia, click here.

About Our Products

What is the quality assurance process?

We make sure our products adhere to both domestic and international standards, guaranteeing that our products are fire safe, environmentally safe, sustainable and meet Green Building standards.

These quality control checks are conducted both internally and through independent third party contractors to make sure our products withstand the test of time and live up to their premium properties.

To view our product acoustic and fire testing results, click here.

I am not sure what my space needs.

Our sound engineers are masters of their craft and are here to help you find the best solution. Whether it’s reducing reverberate noise by blocking or absorbing the sound, or conditioning the sound because a space feels too quiet, we will work with you to bring audio harmony to your space.

Do you have a warranty on your products?

Our products each have a 10 warranty based on use for their intended purpose. If products are used outdoors or have constant exposure to strong sunlight the warranty period may be voided or changed.

For further information please find attached our Warranty Document.

Where are the materials sourced from?

Our materials are 100% polyester fibre (PET), approx. 60% of which is post consumer recycled plastics.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes we do. Although we are based in Australia and the UK, we also work with stockists in other countries if there is a preference in dealing with local suppliers. All our prices are ex. Factory.

What is the process to order?

To order, simply email your details with quantity, style and colour. If you need more in depth support and advice contact us and we can help find the right acoustic solution.

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