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Wall Tile RangeWall Tile RangeAcoustek Wall Tiles

Acoustek Wall Tiles are made from 100% polyester with recycled content in both substrate and felt. (Substrate 60% recycled PET - Felt 80% recycled PET).

Offer yet further design flexibility in the pursuit of arresting reverberate noise and background echo.

Lightweight yet sturdy, their individual moulded shapes provide a decorative and functional inclusion to enhance both interior decor and acoustic benefits.

Modular panels allow the introduction of ‘plain or contrasting colour’ statement within a grouping of pattern options.

Easy to install, the Acoustek range of tiles offer a simple, decorative and effective method to address reverberate noise, whether fixed direct to walls or mobile dividing screens, Office, Restaurant, Reception Areas, Hospitality Venues, all can benefit from the introduction of this cost effective method of noise attenuation.

Please click on the link below for further information on each wall tile style:

SAND - Wall Tiles 

METRO - Wall Tiles

URBAN - Wall Tiles

DIFFUSE - Wall Tiles 


Installation Instructions


Download the Bliss Colour Range for Acoustek Wall Tiles:  Bliss and its specifications here: Bliss Specs